Tx-6 As Midi External Controller Question

Not sure if this is a common problem or a feature request, but…

I’m trying to use my TX-6 as a midi controller for external hardware, but I can’t find a way to disable the pots from affecting parameters on the tx-6 (filter, eq H, etc) at the same time. Does anyone have a solve for this? It’d be great to be able to run my guitar signal through the tx-6 while I’m using it to control settings on my multi-effects pedal.

When in Midi ctrl in mode you have the option of sending a “disable local control” cc command, but that doesn’t work in MIDI out mode. Honestly, I don’t understand why I can’t do both In and Out at the same time.

Thanks for any help!

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I have already requested this at TE, but you could do the same. They said it has been noted, so it might come with an update.

Change the pots to the synth mode .

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Yes, you could do that, but it is impractical. You will lose those pots permanently because midi out is tied to the physical knobs right now rather than their function. There is no way to select something like “midi only” for them to be able to switch back to mixer functions later on. Furthermore, it sends midi out only on channel 1 which can cause other problems. All in all, the midi controller functionality is extremely limited currently and needs to be updated.

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I thought the same

Ough that doesn’t sound good. I was actually planning to pick the TX6 up for midi controller features. Not just that, but when in the main studio, that was my plan. I also submitted a request to add banks. Maybe six banks to select by pressing one of the six buttons under the faders with a key combination. As I know, currently, it’s only possible to assign everything once, and six banks would make a big difference for me, even 2 or 3 would be enough. Any thoughts on this?

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Dang. Thanks for getting back to me. I was really hoping to make this thing the hub of a mobile setup, but it’s not there yet. Kinda wish they’d release more frequent updates for the device overall.

@eibo that sounds dope. That’d be super helpful!

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Are there any updates to this limitation?

Really wish to use a Tx-6 as a midi controller in my portable setup

I’m also running up against this limitation. I’ve been thinking about what different “cc mode” implementation might look like. I have one that’s important to me - “transport mode”. Maybe others can think of different modes - like “effects controller” mode.

What I find that I really desire is a “transport mode”, which would allow me to use the select turn (31) as jog, the FX I (33) key as play/stop and FX II (34) as record. I can already accomplish all this using these buttons with my DAW, but the result is of course mayhem on the TX-6. I could see this functionality being activated as another mode under the select button menu where the metronome is displayed now. Maybe it’d be accessible via a submenu there, or maybe the metronome wouldn’t even come up when you have midi cc “transport mode” selected in the midi menu.

Besides “muting” the TX-6’s functions normally associated with those three hardware controls, the ideal would be that the hardware controls would transmit different controller id’s altogether when in a selected “cc mode” - select knob turn isn’t 31 anymore - it’s something new. Same for FX I and FX II. Otherwise, the receiving device won’t know the difference when you’re in cc transport mode and you’ll start jogging when you try to adjust the volume,

[Sorry for this re-post. I somehow accidentally deleted it. Just wanted to edit it and say I’ve submitted a ticket to TE.]