Tx-6 audio interface windows

I’ve been debating about buying the tx-6 for a audio interface, but I have a windows computer. Will the tx-6 be able to support 6-12 mono channel in the future for windows or will it just stay at 2 channels?
Also, does anyone know how many channels Mac devices support? It just says multi-channel on their website.

not sure about windows.

i use 6 stereo/12 mono channels on my ipad and mac

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It works on Mac just fine, but OP is literally asking if it will ever work on windows because it doesn’t currently (it’s just a 2in/2out for windows)

That said, OP you’d think they would have that as part of the roadmap! It’s a big feature of the device, but I don’t know of any where that TE confirmed multi-channel will work on windows in the future


So is it confirmed that it’s still just 2in/2out for Windows as of the last firmware update?

I’ve also been considering buying the Tx-6, but this is the feature that’s been holding me back.

I noticed after the last firmware update, it seemed like the 2in/2out marketing language for Windows was removed. So it made me wonder if they had actually added support for more inputs on Windows?

If anyone who had a Windows system can confirm, would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Tried it today with Windows 10 and could not get more than 2 channels in or out working. When checking in Reason in 12 in and out mode, Reason is showing 12 ch in or out but cannot open the audio device. So not working yet. Lets hope for an update.


That’s too bad, but thanks for confirming. It was just my wishful thinking after seeing that note not be so prominent. :slight_smile:

Thanks, this finally cured my GAS for this mixer. :drooling_face:

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I wish I had found this thread before buying the thing :D. 12 channel out/into daw is working fine in ableton but setting it to 12 channel usb in/out from daw will crash asio 4 all. At this price they should work on a custom asio driver like every other professional interface.