TX-6 Cables

Hello! I’ve been searching and not finding much. I just ordered a TX-6 and am looking at getting cables to connect my Synths etc. Obviously the cables have to be slim on the 1/8 side to the TX-6, and I’m also looking for female stereo splits so that I can connect all my gear with regular mono 1/4 cables. The options for 1/8 male slim to 1/4 dual female are not many, there are some I can order on AliExpress but I have no way of knowing if they’ll actually fit:


The other option would be to do 1/8 slim male to 1/4 female > 1/4 male to 1/4 female stereo splitter > mono instrument cable but that seems like a lot of extra cables to buy and I’d prefer to do the first option…

Check these out.


Thanks! I should have specified length too, these are 5ft long, I would need some that are a little longer too!