TX-6 Cue/Main Out is Quiet and Headphone Out Perfect Volume

Not sure what the issue is - but using the included stereo to 3.5mm - the output from the main is humtastic or just quiet - the headphone out is perfect. What gives? I’m not sure if I should just reset the TX-6 etc. Firmware is latest.

So to clarify - the main out on my TX-6 is quiet compared to the headphone out - I have the latest firmware and also have reset to factory - still it’s quiet using the included 6.3 to 3.5mm jack - is this expected or is there an issue

Also when going into the settings and using the OUT to switch from normal to switched - the headphone out changes volume to softer like the cue or louder like the headphone - and if I use the audio on the cue side - it does not switch - but the cue out when on either jack is quieter.

I have the same issue and have since day 1:
If i use the main output ( the larger …mains ) i have hum to the sky, increasing always and forever until there is no signal but all noise. This is, i assume bc of gain staging and an amp circuit in the main out which then goes to a digital amp in my monitors and just amp loop ∞.

If i use the cue out as main, all is well, line level, no gain staging issues. Its the only output i can use now for everything.

I have the aux out being used as an fx send and then back on ch4.

I have plugged the main output into 10 or so diff things and always the same hum buzz infinite gain staging loop.

I have tried every possible combo of settings, switching, adaptors, ground hum eliminators, all of it. The main output is totally dead to me, i ignore that it exists and thats sad.

Either we have the same truly bad hardware somehow, some qc thing, or this is just how it works and i will continue to never use the main output.

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Fascinating - this sounds exactly like my issue. The main out is trash. I love it otherwise - and the big issue is live mixing and being able to turn tracks on off etc. I’ll start to explore switching the aux and cue etc. and see where that leads me. The headphone out sounds great.

Have you been able to switch the cue or main out in the settings and then you get the same issues? I guess you said you’ve tried everything - it’s just disappointing the main out and large jack doesn’t work. Teenage said they would send me another plug to try to mini 3.5mm but I think it’s going to be the same and I’ve tried others and I get the same low volume hum plug.