TX-6 feature requests

I love TX-6 and think it has more potential.

I would really like more than 3 scenes. Like maybe up to 26 scenes, one for every letter instead of only 3.

I also think it would be terrific if the synth had a way to toggle between the current note mode and a free mode where it could dial in any frequency. I want to play the chakra frequencies exactly and they don’t line up with available notes at this time.

3.5mm midi clock out from Cue port!

Or midi in.

Or both!


I wish I could record 6 tracks from the OP-1field into the TX6, 4 stereo tracks from the OP-1f tape recorder tracks plus the master. Even just the four tape tracks would be great. Maybe my request would need to be in an OP-1field feature request thread? Maybe it can’t be done, I don’t know.

Limiter fix. It is currently doing nothing

I wonder if this is technically possible - without it I can’t see a way to include non USB-Midi-Devices in the TX-6 workflow. If they’d made it possible I think I’d buy one :dart:

That’s true, the limiter is not working. I hope they eventually fix it.

I asked in the feature request for at least midi out and they said they will forward it to the dev team:

currently, the aux and cue output can be used to send sync: https://teenage.engineering/guides/tx-6#sync-output

it would be cool to have them as trs midi out as well: we forwarded this feature request to our dev team!

It would be very cool, and I’m kind of surprised it doesn’t do that already. Hopefully now that EP-133 as well as OP-Z have MIDI over TRS, maybe that update will come. Sure would be nice.

  1. Ideally, Windows users should have access to six stereo channels, if possible.

  2. The TX-6 for Windows should have its own audio interface. Despite the OP-Z and OP-1 appearing as their own audio interfaces in Windows, in my experience, the TX-6 doesn’t. You have to use ASIO4ALL or some other audio driver if you want to use it. Not everyone uses a Mac, and maybe there’s something with Windows that’s stopping them from doing it, but if other devices have the capability, I don’t understand why the TX-6 doesn’t.

  3. FX 2 should have wet and dry settings accessible via one of the encoders for pots. Additionally, I believe both FX 1 and 2 should offer the same types of effects. This gives people more freedom to decide what they want to do with the effects.

  4. I’ve noticed that Bluetooth MIDI has bugs. I’ve tried both the OP-1 Field and the OP-Z using Bluetooth and have had a lot of issues. I’ve never successfully connected the OP-1 Field to the TX-6. It pops up on the field, but when I connect, the TX-6 does not show that it was connected. It’s super weird about it. The OP-Z will connect, but when having my clock settings right, I can’t get the play/pause to sync, meaning there’s no possibility way to have the drum or synth sequence align with the OP-Z, unless I hit play on both at the same time without the Bluetooth midi on.


sampler, looper etc etc

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Please make the limiter do something. It’s been long. Will keep insisting…


Great update. Even more fun with the TX-6. Wow.
Detune for drones is great.
And the sampler with sequencer is amazing.

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but it’s limiting the output quiet fine,no?

it’s dropping volume which is audible