TX-6 for jams with a live band?

I’m considering getting a TX-6 to record jams with my band, but I’m unsure if it’s the right choice. I typically travel with my RME UFX+ but would love to have something more compact. I record long sessions (1 to 1.5 hours each) in Ableton and I need to be able to hook up:

4x Octatrack - 2x stereo samples + OP-1 & electric guitar sent as a cue
2x live bass through effects and a preamp.
2x Moog Subsequent through effects and a looper.
2x iPad
MIDI drums → samples triggered in Ableton with CME bluetooth midi?

That means I need to be able to record 12 inputs & 1 MIDI track. I also send tempo and transport to Octatrack and the second looper.

I’d like to be able to create at least 2 (ideally 3) mixes with varying levels. What’s crucial is that I must also be able to set different levels of the metronome and other tracks playing from Ableton for each of the submixes.

I’m slightly concerned about the latency of the TX-6 when triggering drum samplers in Ableton and using effects. The RME UFX+ has ultra-low latency, and it’s perfect; how does the TX-6 compare? I’m a little bit worried about both internal latency and using CME bluetooth midi as well.

I’m also uncertain if the routing of submixes will function as intended – for instance, setting a louder metronome and Ableton drums for the drummer, while on the other two mixes, there’s no metronome present.

Do you think the TX-6 can handle all these requirements?

If you use the TX-6 along with a laptop, then yeah! The TX-6 maxes out at 6 stereo/12 mono inputs, and doesn’t allow you to record those individually unless you use it as an interface or link with the TP-7.

Thanks! But what about my latency concerns and those submixes?