TX-6 issues

Hi guys,

I’m pretty much a noob when it comes to audio gear, but I did own some PO’s and OG1 in the past.

This holiday I treated myself with some TE gear, including the OP-F and TX-6. My grand idea is to have my OP act as a master clock and also record in so it can be a sort of lite DAW. I want to use some PO’s, a Roland J-6, and the TX-6 would act as the interface between them. The OB-4 would be the main out.

I know my way around the OP and the PO’s pretty well by now, but the TX-6 is maddening. I purchased these expecting them to play nice with each other because they’re in the same TE ecosystem.

I’ve read the guide and watched videos about how to sync clocks with the TX-6. I updated the firmware on all devices. But I can’t get the TX-6 to read the OP-F’s clock over midi, USB, or line-in. Okay, so I try to just run the setup off the TX-6’s internal clock. Then it stops working entirely. Nothing (not the OP-F or a PO) gets passed thru to the main out, the LEDs so no incoming signals.

Disconnect everything except for the TX-6 and a PO. Still nothing. Try a different PO. Nothing. Try hard and soft resetting the TX-6. Still nothing. Dive through the TX-6’s menus again and again, checking to make sure the clock and IO settings are right. Internal clock going OUT to PO through the Cue port. Main OUT to OB-4. Set to the right frequency. Try disconnecting the OB-4, try changing cables out. Nothing.

Then as if by dark voodoo, I’m fiddling with the main function knob and the PO starts playing. And it’s all sync’d up off the TX-6’s clock. Weird. Try looping the PO’s out back in through one of the TX-6’s line-ins, and hook the OB-4 back in through the main OUT. Progress! Then I plug the OP-F into line 2 on the TX-6, I’m going through the TX-6’s menus, and it stops working again.

Try it the next day. Randomly it’s working. And it’s even passing audio out from the OP to the TX over USB! Miracle! Still no clock sync, but progress. I then go into the TX-6’s USB menu and change it from 2 ch to 12 ch to expiriment. Oops, the OP drops out. Change it back to 2 ch. Still nothing. Won’t even detect the OP from the TX’s midi menu. Reboot both units. Ok, now it detects the OP but audio no longer passes thru to the TX-6. It’s only playing on the OP, even after double and triple checking that USB is armed on the OP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

So basically the TX6 only works if the stars align, and if I tweak ANY menu option it borks out.

I readily accept user error possibilities, the TX-6’s UI is cryptic even by TE standards, but has anyone had issues like this?

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getting the tx-6 soon will let you know.

If you haven’t watched this video, it’s super comprehensive. It’s the one I’ve used to get my PO’s and my TX-6 to play together. https://youtu.be/FaR7XAjYAXA?feature=shared

I have the OG OP-1, so I don’t have any experience there with syncing by USB, I’m afraid.


I’ll add that the OP-1 Field seems to like to negotiate USB connection on “its own terms”. From my playing around with it, it seems to like working more from boot with certain devices, and others it seems to like to be connected after booting up.

All this is mostly to say, try not to take anything for granted. The order you power on, the order you connect cables, etc… may all contribute to how it is or is not working together.

Good luck!

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A “migliore mixer” will be more at home in your kitchen or bathroom than in your studio. :joy::potable_water: Good bot.

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please try this with the latest TX-6 and OP-1 field firmwares. there have been a lot of changes in the usb area lately.

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