TX-6 Microphone powered preamp

Hello does anyone know a good powered microphone preamp to use for the tx-6. I found many like the iRig Pre 2 but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. hope somebody has some tips. Many thanks in advance!

not sure exactly what u are looking for in a preamp
but rolls makes a nice small one that works well

I’m looking for something small and portable and battery powered to phantom power a condenser mic or an sm58. Hope this makes it more clear. thank you for your response!

The Shure SM58 (the classic vocals mic) is dynamic and doesn’t need phantom power. Only an XLR to 1/8” adaptor…



Thank you very much!

Living with a TX-6, I was trying to solve some of the same problems — phantom power, pre-amps, etc — and I finally decided to just try the CM-15. Small. Self-powered. Low self-noise. But like any condenser mic, they’re fragile (don’t drop it) and tend to suffer from handling noise.

If you want something you can take and sing into live, then do go for an SM58. They’re indestructible and have a well-loved dynamic mic sound. But if you’re in the studio, so to speak, maybe consider the CM-15. You get a large diaphragm condenser mic that’s both analog (XLR, 3.5 mm) and digital (USB-C) and has a super-quiet pre-amp and audiophile quality DAC built in. It’s like buying a whole mic setup, not just a mic. It would be sort of crazy to pay that money for ‘just a mic’.

Which is kind of how I justified the expense of a TX-6, which replaced a desktop mixer and a small rack of outboard effects.

And of course, Teenage.


Just gonna chime in here and say the SM-58 while fantastic, is a very quiet mic on it’s own.
You’d want something like the cloud lifter to get it up to a decent recording level.

The cloudlifter itself runs on 48V phantom power. So it’s not a solution for the TX-6, which doesn’t provide phantom.

Otherwise, the cloudlifter is a nice piece of kit when you have phantom available.

Oof that’s right
Right back at square one then.
Maybe a more portable, high gain preamp could work

Couple ideas

Eventide Thingy

Zoom F3

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As a preamp, I’m sure you could use that Zoom F3, but I don’t think the amps on the outs are really of top quality.

As a recorder, it is fab. I used it on a wailing women’s show choir one time. I knew the mics were up for it, and the F3 sounded great and handled the levels no problem - and there are no gain adjustment knobs. At all. You just don’t adjust the gain, which is its secret 32-bit superpower, which doesn’t apply to the outs, really.

It has phantom, but the 2 AA batteries don’t last long.

Currently I am using a uafx max pedal with a mission engineering 529 m and a usb-c pd charging bank or just using the cm-15. With the max i get a 610 pre 1176 and la-2a