TX-6 monitoring vs record levels

The audio recorded to usb storage is around 50 % lower than the monitoring level. Does anyone else experience this? I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

hmmm no i have not noticed this. i think the main output volume is not part of the recording chain, if that helps

Thanks. Yeah the main volume doesn’t seem to affect the level that is recorded. I don’t get what is happening as I don’t see any other settings for disk recording

there is a setting i believe. let me try to take a pic of it

quick video: iCloud Photos - Apple iCloud

click the tiny thumbnail to view in browser instead of download (if you prefer)

edit: probably didnt need to take a video, its basically just turning the select knob while in the recording screen but BEFORE recording


Thanks! Not sure how I didn’t notice that.

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np! glad i could help

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This is it. :100:

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how do you guys usually charge your tx-6 and how long roughly does it take to reach 100% also, at what percentage do you notice the LED goes from oscillating orange to green while charging? thanks!!

on my end, i plug it into my MacBook pro and i have to have it plugged in over night, ~9hrs for it to go from 5% to 100% and sometimes even after 9hrs it is still around 98%. it usually turns green at 97-98% for me

im wondering too, does the op1f charge the tx-6 while plugged in? (unless i explicitly disable in tx-6 setting?)

for what I can say, op1f charged my phone if I did not set on the phone to charge the connected device (don’t have the tx-6, yet), the current limit in the battery settings of op1f changes from 100 to 0 in my case, and I see the percentage dropping faster.

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That seems like a really long time. I frequently use my TX-6 until the battery is dead (it powers itself off when getting super low). I think it usually fully recharges in a couple of hours.

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