TX-6 new firmware

Two days ago a new firmware was made available.

TX-6 can now sample incoming audio and function as a looper (22 sec max), you can store loops, too. The online manual has been updated accordingly.


USB audio compatibility: Windows audio works now! :heavy_check_mark:

Anyone test the limiter?

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Excited, I wish TE would release a proper PDF of the manual, or at least make a print-friendly web page.

since it’s all on a single page you can just file print and it will save as formatted pdf

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PDF, yes. Formatted, not so much. Graphics split across pages, etc. Print possible but not print “friendly”. This much I’ve done.

They release proper PDFs occasionally, however I’m sure someone who has a PDF editor could insert some workable page breaks. Or I just don’t know how…! :slight_smile:

I have tested. Limiter still not working.

Also beware, the update resets the device, all settings will be lost.

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This got me too. Not a big deal, but backup should be step 1 of the firmware update instructions!

i think it did say to back up somewhere on the update page but i forget where i saw it exactly

For me the Limiter is working as it should. What is your expected behaviour?

So, I tried toggling the limiter on and off while running multiple channels very hot (into red). There is no difference in sound with the limiter on or off. I was kind of expecting to hear it working.

So when you see the red leds on a single channels, that means the input is clipping. Its not expected that the limiter is doing anything there.

The signal flow in the manual shows that the limiter is at the very end and no limiter at the inputs.

Yes I understand. Will just test again tonight.

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It’s a great addition when you sequence the Sampler slots because it’s able to layer the source with the recently recorded sample (USB stick involved)

somehow Iam not able to load a sample which I sampled from track 6 as a source but want to play it back on track 4.

If you load the Sample on track 4, while staying on track 4 it will be loaded to the Original source slot instead. maybe a bug.

but great fun with the sequencer, slow down, sped up randomly triggered start points, and rec trigs (so it needs a trigger to record but that’s obviously within your playing pattern regardless of the input length so it gets chopped and makes great textures in addition to anything that’s your bland source Input!

which is great. :nerd_face:


Same happening here

I love how easy it is to update things nowadays with the new online update utility


why has this not been advertised?

Just contacted yesterday and they claimits working. But I haven’t had any difference at all trying multiple things with the limiter on and off, so I don’t know… would be great if someone that really got the limiter to work made a video demonstrating it

limiter for me for the longest time i thought it wasn’t working bc i had read reports of it (apparently) not working but i think what others have said about how limiter works within the signal chain is not super straight forward. it seems to work now that i really test it, with the bass frequencies especially as one of the posters above mentioned.

so for anyone who’s limiter doesnt seem to work, i suspect it was similar to my situation where it is indeed working but not quite how you might expect

im wondering the same thing. for some products they send out a nice little email advert and for others its so unceremonious that i only ever find out about it here in the forums lol