TX-6 update 1.2.10

I did go ahead and get the CM-15 to pair with the TX-6. I haven’t had a chance to sing properly into it, but I set it up in my studio and began dialing in the gain. It certainly fulfilled my hope for a low-noise companion to the mixer.

I ran it at its highest gain with zero trim on the mixer input and it was very quiet indeed. I hear the ventilation of the room and occasionally traffic outside, whereas before I was focused on the mic and amp self noise before I ever felt the room noise was an issue.

Due to its light weight, the handling noise is much more noticeable, particularly the textile-covered USB and 1/8” cables I was using. I solved that with a nice tight Velcro band around the stand.

The little I recorded needed a slight treble boost to give it some sparkle in the DAW, but the mic’s low noise seems to make this OK. I had a metal mesh pop filter in front, but perhaps a fabric one would be better for this mic.

Sound wise, it seems like the equivalent of filming in a LOG profile. Quite flat, but responds well to processing. But it’s far too early to say much more.