TX-6 update 1.2.10

12CH(12in12out) mode and audio host supported !!

  • integration with TP–7 recorder and new usb audio mode
  • usb audio host mode support and integration with CM–15 microphone
  • control master volume with OR-1 remote
  • compensate clock for more accurate sample rate



I suspect this means we’ll be seeing the release of the CM-15 and TP-7 soon… (along with some review videos, hopefully).

I was really hoping the next SW release would include some new FX engines and maybe a bit more parameter control options for them, though. That’s still the biggest area I’ve wanted to see some improvements. Or even just the option to move FX between the I and II channels so we have more options to mix-and-match.


Confusing update. Maybe the new modes are just made for the other field gear, but on the iPad they seem pretty useless. It would be good to have some more info from TE on how this is supposed to be used.


I see no mention of 12in12out in the updated manual

From the updated manual. Where do you see 12in+12out mode? That would be game-changing

Guide is still showing the previous update, hasn’t been updated yet.

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I have tried connecting some USB audio devices, and see a small H icon, probably indicating USB Host mode is active. But I don’t see any place where I can get audio streams into the mixer. So I suspect this is only going to work for the field Mic or recorder. Not with other USB mics or audio interfaces. It’d be nice to be wrong though.

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I spent some time today with the 12 in 12 out mode. It is effectively like having sends and returns for every channel. With AUM on iPad, I can have different effects on each channel, and route those back to any other channel, and then listen to the mix at the main output. Though because the USB port is occupied, I am not sure how to record it, but it sure is fun to play with.


You mean besides recording to iPad/iPhone storage? Great to hear AUM works well

Yeah, unlike the other modes, making a final stereo mix is going to be challenging. I’ll try and figure it out and report back.

The 12ch mode might not offer any improvements as it’s probably for the TP-7, but I would like an option to set the EXT. This is because when I set both input and output to the same channel in AUM, the input signal duplicates.

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It is pretty disappointing to get this immature update after all this waiting time. There are still many things that could be improved regarding midi, midi clock, usb modes and routings, pot settings and so on.

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I’m interested in the TX-6 but confused about its abilities. So the 12 in/out USB mode isn’t actually working for anyone? I can’t record all 6 inputs separately to my Macbook?

Are any of you happy you got this or should I shop around for something else? I’m looking for a small portable mixer for use with the Moog Sound Studio and my OP-1 field, I want to record the two mono synth tracks and the OP-1f (in stereo) into my computer on separate tracks and also record with effects on the way in. And I need to monitor what is being recorded at the same time. Sound quality, lack of noise, is important to me.

If this is not capable of that, does anyone have other suggestions?

Edit- searching around reveals that although the USB recording seems to work for most people, the effects are not recorded with the multitracks. That’s not uncommon as it’s complicated when effects are shared. It appears the effects are included when recording the main outputs, so in theory I could record the main outs as well and try to replicate the effects inside the DAW.

I’m really going back and forth on the TX-6. There’s not a lot of competition for portable battery powered mixer/interfaces with high fidelity.


I’d like two things:

  1. To be able to send audio from computer out on cue/ aux only (eg to external hardware effects, or octatrack input)

  2. To be able to send midi out on cue/aux

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hi there
for the next tx-6 update i have some wishes

  1. for better organisation, the tx-6 should can read folders in diskmode
    and words… not just numbers pls
  2. sidechain compression would be awesome!

and another thing:
i hope TE´s next product would be a mini stereo multi-fx box,
wich we can use at the aux in tx-6 =)

thanks for all!
cheers martin


@opsr - dunno if you’ve moved on from considering the TX-6, but I just replaced my old trusty 12-channel old school desktop mixer and my 4-channel Scarlett interface with the TX-6. It’s capable, compact and quiet. It has worked really well with my MacBook over USB in 12-in 12-out mode, but it’s also a joy to use when playing live. I’ve captured many ideas from jams using a usb-c memory stick in the USB port, which want a use case I had anticipated.

Oh, and you need a ground lifter for sure if you’re using it with an OP-1.

The thing I’m missing is phantom power for my current ancient and rather mediocre large diaphragm condenser mic. I’m considering just going for the CM-15 to replace it and call it a day. I wish there were some in depth reviews available.

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Wait - what?!? This is not possible?

I too wish there was in depth videos of the CM-15, I currently only have a Shure Sm7b ‘dynamic mic’ I use it strictly with my SSL2+ but I’m highly considering the CM-15 it’s portable, battery powered, has 3 different outputs & easy integration with the TX-6. I’d like to get rid of the SSL2 it takes up too much real estate on my desk. Not sure if I even want to keep the Shure Sm7b? I’m still trying to figure out how I would get sound to my monitors though if I got rid of my SSL2+. I use the main out of TX-6 for my headphones… Any ideas?

Like I mused above, the CM-15 starts to make a lot more sense if your main mixer is the TX-6.

If you really like the SM7b, then I’d probably steer clear of the TX-6. It almost has enough extra gain to run dynamic mics, according to what I’ve read, but then you still have the issue of the adapters, etc. Take a step back and you do have to wonder why you’d get a mixer that is absolutely dwarfed by the mics or even the cables and adapters!

I don’t use headphones and monitors at the same time, but you definitely could by putting the headphones on main and the monitors on the aux outputs or maybe even the cue out. But then you lose the possibility of using aux as your effects send.

There TX-6 has a lot going for it, but it doesn’t replace a full featured desktop mixer feature for feature.

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I have the CM-15. It’s great - I’d say primarily for the directionality of the mic and the clarity. I’d also say that the portability is a real plus in playing around with mic placement etc. I would use the cue and then you have a lineout free on the tx6