TX-6 USB max size Limitations?

I’ve just got the TX-6 (to go with the OP1 field) and I grabbed myself a Sandisk 512gb usb c stick. I formatted it to ms dos Fat on my Mac , and though the TX6 can see it , it won’t record to it.
I then tried a Sandisk 32gb stick - same formatting routine- and that works perfectly :thinking:

So my question is before I go and buy another memory stick , is anyone aware of a ‘working max size limit’ :man_shrugging:

there wouldn’t be any limit in the memory size of the usb stick, but the format is important. FAT32 is required and most generic drives are already in that format. im surprised you had to reformat those since they are pretty mainstream. i bought the blue samsung one 256gb and it was already formatted to FAT32.

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Here was a Reddit discussion: Reddit - Dive into anything

People swapping experiences with different memory.


Thanks , I’ll try and look for the Samsung one , see if that resolves the issue.

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Quick update, I grabbed the ‘blue’ Samsung 256GB and it works as you mentioned ‘straight out of the box’ ,Records and -lays back perfectly :+1:
only weird thing is under the USB memo data it says : 0MB / 00:00 time .
Any idea what it really should be displaying time wise ?

Thanks again for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

My Samsung USB does the same and it’s smaller. Only 64gb, I think

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