TX-6 wire poking out of the back (what should I do?)

Hello all!

Seeking some advice from the people about what to do here. I picked up this tx-6 for $600 from the teenage engineering garage sale. The device works perfectly and only appears to have one major issue. There is a wire that appears to have been poking out when the back place was screwed on. I tried to open up the back myself but it appears to be really on there and Applying force to remove the back it making me nervous that I may damage the wire. Should I contact TE to see if they will fix it? should I try to go to a tech repair store to try and get the back plate carefully removed? should I leave it be? So curious to see what you guys are thinking. Pics are attached. Many thanks!!!

First of all, what’s that Teenage Engineering Garage Sale I’m only hearing about today? I’m interested, to say the least.

I may be wrong here.
But I would check on the iFix It website and see if they have any kind of tools that might be of help here.

In the present case, the cable looks a bit strained and, aesthetics aside, it is not conveniently placed (and it could be easily damaged should you take this one out on the field).
If you already tried but are weary of any further damage you might make, both options you mentioned (TE’s support and a trusty repair shop) are in order.

TE’s sturdy build quality should allow you to be able to pry it open. But you should ask for schematics at the very least.
The fact that the unit works great is a good sign. Probably means the cable is fine for now. And probably means you won’t damage it any further if you try to calmly approach the issue.
But still, you would need the right tools and instructions in order to succeed 100%.

If it was mine, I would wait for TE’s support answer while looking around me for any capable repair shop. But that’s me. I’m not fluent in electronics, so to speak.

I’m curious af, so if you have the time, keep us posted!
And best of luck. I hear this gem of a mixer is a beast!

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There is a thread on lines forum.
With pictures of the tx-6. There you can see the inside
There is no wire.

Somewhere in there :slight_smile:

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It would then appear to be a rubber band - if I’m not mistaken!

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Yes like a sealing thingy.

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Exactly. And if that’s the case - which looks a lot like it - it should be no pain to put it back in place. The post that @fallen_lassen fallen_lassen was referring to is very useful. should even help as a guide of sorts.
Then again, you might just wanna leave it the way it is. Your move!
After seeing the pictures, I’d be less worried.
Nice catch, @fallen_lassen
Keep us posted, @DML7777 I kinda want to see where this goes.

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Thanks for the reply! The teenage engineering garage sale is an event that TE holds in Stockholm. There they sell a bunch of equipment both working and damaged as well as extra stuff they have and couldn’t sell. The stuff is quite a bit cheaper than on the website as im sure you can imagine. The mixer I got wasn’t sold obviously because of the issue with the back but other than that it is perfect and untouched. I was thrilled to get a brand new TX-6 at pretty much half price. Very cool little event.

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I to have looked at the pictures of the inside of the TX-6. I dont see any sign of a rubber seal although it is highly plausible that there would be one to keep moisture out. What worries me is when you look at the pictures you can see that there is in fact three wires connected to the battery (red black and white) and if you look at the placement of where the battery would connect through the gray enclosure it appears that that black wire could be what is sticking out. I asked the original poster if there was a seal when they took theirs apart but haven’t received a reply yet.

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Can’t you just open it? Get a torx driver and lift the hatch

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Damn…that TE sale is really making me want to move to your area! Me love a sale!

I’ll have to take a second look on the aforementioned pictures. But you may be just right.
I guess it’s gonna be a hit or miss situation. Although I’m thinking two things now :
a) if TE deemed it operable enough to be sold but cut half the price, it could be hard to repair. Dunno their QC policies.
b) if it was once assembled, there’s a way to disassemble it too. I mean, if people can pry open intel macs, this should be doable. But with the outmost care.

Please, please. Let us know what you do with this one.
I’m too curious, and it could help people down the line too!

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Haha I have tried! Removing the screws does not loosen the back plate at all lol. It needs to be pried off and I dont have any tools atm to do that without causing potentially worse damage than if I just let it be. I am also worried about how small the space is. Not sure if removing the back plate will tear apart whatever it is that is caught in that space. If it is a wire I dont want my TX-6 to go from working perfectly to being damaged because of my incompetence. Really I am just trying to figure out if it is a wire or not prior to potentially tearing it. The suspense is absolutely killing me however haha.

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I dare to say that this thread is almost as suspenseful as a Black Mirror episode. :sweat_smile:

All jokes aside, I get the feeling. Had an iMac with a fan issue. Tried to pry it open. Almost killed the machine thinking the screen was unplugged. I still sweat when thinking about the moment the screen gave away with the worst audible tear. I was lucky then, but as they say, don’t try this at home!

I’m guessing TE wouldn’t be able to share some wisdom on this?
Have you tried the bottle to the sea approach and sent an email to potential repair shops (including iFix It)?

Out of curiosity, I’ll try to find some ressources (schematics, videos, blog posts) later today.
There are some Facebook and Reddit groups that might be of help (I’m guessing you already tried that route) but I’ll try to go scout them forums.

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hello! i know this thread is old, but i was searching for some info on my tx-6 and stumbled across it.
anyways! i’m the fella over at lines who did a tear down on the tx-6. it’s just a rubber gasket surrounding the back plate. i took the screws out, then used a 90° pick to put through the screw holes to pry it off. it takes quite a bit of force and it’s nerve wrecking the first time you try. just bounce between the screw holes slowly prying up. eventually it will come loose.
if anybody has any questions, feel free to hit me up. i’m not on this forum too much. but i visit over at lines almost daily.