Tying notes in OP-1 finger sequencer

happy new year all - i’m finally an OP-1 owner after having had great fun and use from the OP-Z for the last couple of years.

i’m having a bit of a hard time getting adjusted to the sequencers - is there a way to tie notes in the various synth sequencers?

like on the finger sequencer i can’t seem to figure out if there’s a way to hold a note for more than one beat subdivision…

i assume there is? but maybe not?

With finger : use the arrow forward while holding shift .

oops, no that doesnt do anything

Buy a new one. It should work :wink:

good idea!

that does work for the endless sequencer (shift forward, not buying a new one…)

maybe there is no way with finger…

Just tried it again since a long time. And you are right .
It creates a rest. Not a tie.
For a tie you need to push and hold shift and note and arrow forward.

And I confused finger with endless. Hmm I should play the op-1 more frequent.

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