U-he repro 5

Really impressed by some of the youtube demos/patches of this. A hardware knobby poly is way out of my budget atm. Have an Ak which is cool for poly, underrated imo, but only 4 voice, sometimes slow/narrow to dial stuff in and the tone/filter/drive isn’t always able to translate to what I’m looking for. Haven’t used softsynths in a while but the sound of this one… Wow! Anyone using it?

There’s a free demo you can try. It’s very good, if rather CPU-heavy. I like it more than Diva because there are fewer options - all that potential for swapping out of sections always paralysed me a bit.

Yeah know what you’re saying about the switchable diva sections being kind of distracting etc. I never really dug in to Diva much tho tbh. I should probably revisit it and make some patches now that I’m a little less intimidated by synth stuff and not so in awe of hardware analog (if money/space was no object then obvs would prefer hands on ui and that extra few % of analog vibe but starting to feel like it’s ultimately quite trivial as far as ‘the sound of finished recordings’ vs the extra £.)

Will check the repro-5 demo out. For those kind of sounds it looks like u-he nailed it (again…) from what I’ve heard on vids…