Unbalanced Stereo on 2nd hand OP-1

I examined a second hand OP-1 today with purchasing it in mind and there was a bias in the stereo field towards one side. I can correct each channel in the mixer but I am worried that it is defective. The guy selling it says it was imported for a film shoot and used once. Another minor point, some of the physical buttons are jumbled up, something to do with copyright - I just mention in case that could be connected (but I doubt it).

try a factory reset and see if the balance is normal

Thanks, I’ll try that if I see it again. Has that ever worked for anyone else before?

From Teenage Engineering this morning…
“That could be the connector board acting up.
But it could just as well be a software issue. I’d suggest performing a factory reset & formatting the drive.”

That did the trick - one more proud re-owner of the OP-1 on the forum!

ay nice! welcome to the fam jam

You’re going to be very happy together.