Unique Panning/Stereo Imaging for Each Instrument on OP-1

Here’s a trick I’ve picked up over my time using the OP-1, that allows a “custom” left-right-panning / stereo imaging for each individual instrument in your mix.

- When you start a fresh recording in Tape Mode:
  • Pan Track 1 to the center
  • Pan Track 2 all the way to the right
  • Pan Track 3 all the way to the left
  • Use Track 4 as a bouncing track
Here’s what to do:
  • For all instruments you want to place in the center of the stereo image (e.g. lead vocals, bass, etc) - record to Track 1
  • If you want to pan an instrument “half way to the right”, in the stereo image then do the following:
    • Record instrument part in sequencer of choice
    • Select Track 2 and turn the orange encoder (record volume) all the way up in Tape Mode, and trigger the part to record on Track 2
    • Select Track 3 and turn the orange encode half way up in Tape Mode, and trigger the same part to record on Track 3
  • This will give the illusion of a part “half panned” to the right.
In short-- by recording identical parts on Tracks 2 and 3, but adjusting the relative levels of the orange encoder in tape mode, you can place instruments anywhere you like in the apparent stereo image!

The main drawback with this technique is that it requires overdubbing. Once the part is down, you cannot remove it. But this is part of the OP-1’s “embrace the limitations” charm.

The benefits are immediately apparent – you can do all sorts of fun things, including a simulated tape delay of the same part in track 2/ track 3 – and even a stereo “sweep” as you move the orange encoder up/down in real time as you record the part.

Have fun!

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