Unreleased TE field style bag spotted in Stockholm

With pure luck I noticed someone was walking with an unreleased TE field style bag like the TX-6’s and OP-1F’s. Had enough time snapping a quick pic from afar before the person disappeared through a nearby door on the street but not enough time running up and chatting with them. I wonder what was inside.


Only in Stockholm!

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It looks like an all in one bag for multiple devices in the field series

the dimensions look like they are meant to fit the op-1f specifically, so im thinking it’s mainly for that and then any other smaller field devices/accessories to go in with it

I can see what you mean - but it looked quite a bit shorter than an OP-1 irl, the pic sadly doesn’t show it well

Was there TE branding on it? Might just be a white and black bag…

Yes, branding on the same type of black flap as on the tx-6 case


Fair enough, it’s probs too wide to be a op-z field so I’m actually not sure what else it could be :thinking:

what do you think?

On this video they’re showing another bigger unreleased bag…


Also is that a smaller rectangular Field Bag sitting on-top of the available OP-1 Field Bag. Possibly OP-Z kind of size? Maybe its the same one from Post 1 spotted in Stockholm?


You guys are like amateur Sherlock Holmes-types :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yup. currently they have these:

  • field small TX–6 bag
  • field large OP–1 bag

So what is missing on the second bullet?
Obviously “field medium OP-Z bag”. Mystery solved :slight_smile:

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I guess the bigger question is if the bag is for the old OP-Z or a new OP-Z Field :grinning: