Unreliable On/Off Button

Hi! Has anyone had a problem with a on/off-button which doesn’t always work? I’ve just experienced problems with the on-function, which was solved with flipping the switch a couple of times. Does anyone know if it’s fixable?

I bought my OP-1 second hand and when I first got it the unit would randomly reset - it was actually turning off then back on due to a faulty on/off switch.

I wrote to the seller via ebay and he said he didnt have a problem with it but hadnt used it for months and said he’d take it back if I deemed it faulty.

I’d also written to TE and they told me the poor connection may be due to the thickness of the paint on the casing not allowing the switch to go fully to the on position and told me to scrape some off with a knife!

I didn’t do this.

Instead I sat switching the switch on and off slowly for a while trying to ‘feel’ what was wrong.
Eventually it just started working fine without the on/off so figured it was probably just dust in the switch that needed working-out of the switch.

Never had the problem since.

Yeah had this a lot until I got a bit more patience and waited longer for the TE logo to pup up. Seemed to solve my problem. I used to spazz-out on the switch.

Recently discovered if I bump/tap my OP-1 near the switch it’ll do some reset fuckerydoo. That whole side of the hardware just seems sketchy hehe.

I haven’t charged it all the way through yet, so hopefully that will affect it positively. Everytime the on-switch works i hear a “sparkle-sound” before the TE logo, otherwise it just stays black and off. Thanks for all the quick answers, I’m a little bit less freaked out about this and hope it will sort itself out. Apart from this i’ve never had so much fun with a synthesizer!

@KrisM sounds like the same problem I had. it would turn off/reset when touching near the button too.
Probably some dirt in the switch. Work it out.