Update 218 - Recording a Sample

Prior to the update, I have the feeling that I was able to hit ‘shift-Mic’, entering the sample screen which would then display the ‘keyboard to sample’ graphic. And this would appear regardless of what synth or drum engine I’d had selected prior to hitting ‘shift-Mic’.

Post update, it seems that I need to have selected the Synth or Drums Sampler engine prior to hitting ‘shift-Mic’, otherwise ‘input’ appears rather than ‘keyboard to sample’.

It does seem logical and I probably prefer this to be the case, but is my memory failing me? Did we always have to have a Sampler engine previously selected? I may be losing it :slight_smile:


Yep, we always had to have a Sampler engine chosen before sampling.

Okay - thanks. That confirms that I haven’t lost the plot. I just never had the plot :slight_smile: lol