USB and DIN MIDI: The Kenton Midi USB Host or the iConnectivity MioXM?

Hi folks,
So, I’m looking to set up a dawless rig including my OP-1 and OP-Z. I have limited practical experience with midi beyond the basics. My proposed setup comprises of devices; synths and sequencers with both 5 pin DIN midi and, of course, USB midi for the OP devices. I was looking for a solution and I know many people use the Kenton USB MIDI host. But am I correct in thinking that this will only work with a single USB midi source?In which case I’m out of luck for one of the USB devices? I can probably sync the OP-1 and Z via some sort of splitter cable and feed one USB into the Kenton?
In any case, I’ve a lot of other DIN stuff that I would like to get talking to each other, even basic clock sync across the DIN and USB devices. This is where I’m a little stuck as to the best tool for the job. In an ideal world I would love to have 2 routings:
DAW integration (whenever needed)
DAWless setup for when I don’t want to fire up Ableton or Logic.
I was looking at this midi box (iConnectivity mioXM) which appears to have 4 times the USB host options to the Kenton for admittedly a lot more money… However, it should allow me to do all of my desired routing across all of my hardware synths? But, I really don’t know… And would love some practical advice!
For ref I use the following:

  • Synthstrom Deluge
  • Arturia Microfreak
  • Zoia
  • Arturia Keystep 37
  • Launchpad X
  • Bluebox as audio mixer and record
  • lots of guitar pedals coming out of the microfreak.
  • Helix for all of my guitar processing - hooked up to a DAW but determined to eek life out of those midi connections!
    If you’ve gotten this far, thanks!

Have you consider using OPZ openlab module? I use it to connect all me hardware synth (Korg Minilogue Module, Werksttat -01 and soft synth app on me iPad and DAW) and it works great. You can use TRS to DIN between OPZ and your other devices. You also get CV in and out. I also use BlueBox. According to BlueBox they had to pulled out firmware v 1.09 to fix bug, I have not seen the firmware update yet, but the new yet to be release firmware should allow you to trigger the recording sync using OPZ or any devices .

I too want to try and Dawless setup with my Microfreak and OP-1 Field. I want to be able to play something on the MF and record onto the tape of the OP-1f. What cables/equipment did you get to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!