USB-C Hub for the TX-6 Field Mixer

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a good usb-c to (multiple) usb c hub for the TX-6? I’m desperate searching for one.

I need it to connect my USB-C stick to record on it and connect the TX-6 via cable to the OP-1 Field.

Hope someone can help me out :pray:


Would love some help her too. I tried a Satechi which didn’t work.

I asked TE Support about the hub possibilities for the tx-6 and they responded this:

hi Arne,

thank you for contacting us!

  1. yes! (Hub is compatible with tx-6) as long as the hub is powered;
  2. we don’t recommend any specific one, as long as you ha e the chance to power it! we successfully tested this one, and when powered, it works perfectly! but we recommend you do a bit of research and find the one that fits your needs.

This one = nucleum usb hub