USB-C to Trss cable for iPhone 15 to KOii

Hi can anyone recommend a good cable to sample from iPhone 15 Pro to KOii? Thanks.

Apple make a dongle that converts your iPhone 15 USB C port to accept a 1/8” jack. You can buy that and continue to use whatever 1/8” TRS cable you already have.


You’re thinking of a lightning to 3.5mm headphone adapter. Apple don’t produce an equivalent for usb-c.

yes they doör-usb-c-till-35-mm-hörlursuttag

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Nice. For £9 it’s worth a punt, whether it’ll work is another thing.

I use the apple usb-c to headphone jack cable with my android phone and the ep-133. Picked one up at the airport for more $ than i wanted to spend, but it works perfectly for an android so it should be fine with an iphone 15