USB Master Keyboard connection

Hello OP-1 world!

I have bought an OP-1 and love it, its portability makes it a great travel companion. However when I’m at home I miss having a bigger keyboard to explore OP-1’s potential.
I was thinking about getting a plain usb master keyboard (preferably 61 full scale keys). From my research, many USB keyboards have a type B USB connector and the OP-1 has a mini OTG connector. My question is, is it really necessary to have a usb host to connect these devices? I’m trying to wrap my head around the necessity of such host, since both devices support USB connector and should send MIDI data through the connection.

Also, any suggestions on great master keyboards?

Cheers everyone.

yes you need a host. To put it short, you need something that will recognize the usb hardware then process and route it’s signals (and possibly provide it with power). Ergo, it is not possible to connect 2 non-hosting usb devices and expect them to play nicely., ain’t gonna happen

yea the OTG that TE advertises is not implemented

so I have a key station pro 88, kenton usb midi host…and have not been able to get them to play. what might I be doing wrong?