USB mic decision - today!

A little off-topic from the OP-1, but related to my overall studio setup.

I am looking to pick up a USB mic today for use w/ my iPad Mini 2 setup.

It's coming down to:

Samson Meteor:


Blue Snowball:

Both work w/ iPad via CCK. The Meteor has a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz. The Blue has a 40Hz to 18kHz response.

Has anyone tried either, or both? Please chime in, because I'm looking to grab one or the other today, on my ride home.

Thanks in advance!

I own a Blue Snowball and it’s nice, but best with a filter/screen for voice work. The Meteor looks to be more ‘travel friendly’ though. Not that the Snowball is huge and cumbersome, but it is pretty big around.

I have Blue Snowballs, but I use them mostly for podcasting. Perfectly fine for that. I’ve not really used one for musical applications, but it would probably do. Decent mic for the price.

Yeah, the spherical nature of the Blue seems cool at first, but it gets annoying eventually. It’s pretty bulky.

Is this a recommendation over the other two, @MoS124?

Decided not to decide. Ordered both from amazon. I’ll return the one I don’t care for.

Stopped into Sam Ash first. Gave 'em a shot. They stink. My Yelp review says it all:

"Staff is hard push on higher ticket items, has a ton of “B Stock”, lies about what that means, then grudgingly admits it’s all refurb. Then, they’ll tell you that all of Amazon’s stock is ALSO refurb. Charges restocking if you’re buying for comparative purposes. Even if you’re buying two similar items, and are clear that the one you prefer, you’ll keep, and the other will go back.

Won’t retrieve something you’re interested in from the back. An item I wanted has older models that require a firmware update that many have reported is a nightmare to install. I simply wished to confirm that the item was an up-to-date model, to avoid such headaches. This saleskid dared suggest that he can’t “bring it out until I buy it”.

When it was all over, I walked out without buying a thing. Whoops!! They’re so smart, they’re stupid! Now, it’s a no-sale scenario for them, and a guarantee that I’ll NEVER give them another dime. I’m not a big fan of Guitar Center, but I’ll take them over this toppling ruin of a store, any day of the week.

In short, Sam Ash hates an educated consumer.
Go in with some kind of clue as to what you want, and what the reviews say, or what the limitations are on a particular piece of hardware, and they’re flummoxed. Foot-shooting practices, snake-oil tactics and obnoxiousness is NOT a recipe for nailing a sale.


I support brick & mortar, but not these jesters."

yah was just trying to give some alternatives.

I had the snowball and now own the Meteor. I recently bought the Akg c214 amd realized how bad my vocals really were in my tracks. Now I plan to use the meteor for field recordings.

Will Amazon let you return a mic? Most places won’t due to health concerns.

While walking around Best Buy looking at computer keyboards (I have fallen in love with mechanicals… I didn’t know these were still a thing, but I digress), I saw the Meteor and it looks to be more “portable friendly” than the Snowball, that’s for sure. Not that the Snowball is huge, it isn’t, but the Meteor is slimmer when folded, and by that it looks like the stand is integrated.

as long as you dont admit fault amazon will accept all returns. or if you choose the wrong options they will make you pay shipping.

Bought both, kept both! Problem solved!!