USB-MIDI >> Korg-style sync for RPi


I made a very simple program for the raspberry PI:

It reads clock/start/stop from a connected USB-midi device, and sends korg-style sync pulse from a GPIO pin.

So you can for example sync a Volca or OP-XX to your Elektron or OP-1, without having to use CV or the MIDI ports, or the OP-Lab or an iOS device.

To use this, you need to hook up a minijack cable to GPIO pin 17 on your PI.


Just came across your post on my cheap OPlab alternative search.


I’ll try it out as soon as I get my OP.
May I ask if this also send the incoming Midi to the other USB ports so that it acts as a midi host?

thx jacob.

@void hardware-wise, wouldn’t it be easier to emit the pulse from audio out?