USB Noise

I find the usb jack to be noisy. It’s weird, it’s not always noisy, but it is there regardless of whether the charging setting is on or off.

Could it be the cable I’m using? How’s everyone else’s?

I get it too sometimes. I put a ground loop isolator on the audio output. Like the one that comes in the Line Module box

Oh interesting - do you have a link to the item you’re referring to?

This one, for instance:

I have this one and it works great.

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u can also get ground loop isolator pretty cheap for your usb port as well
if u dont like putting one on your audio path

the usb ones are way more expensive at 50€+, the trs ones can be had for around 5€

I have a USB one, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as the audio one for me.

Unsure about Field, but it often depends on the device(s) you’re connecting to. So if a laptop, run from its batteries. Etc.

i’ve seen em for aorund $20 now
they used to be way more expensive
but obv YMMV

Just a follow up - I got an audio noise isolator for around $6 and it works great - no more noise. I ended up getting 2, 1 for input and 1 for output. I also got one which has a 2x 3.5mm female sockets that way I can position the isolator further away from the OP-1f keeping things minimal.