USB otg (on the go) tech for USB midi host? Does this work with op-1?

I am trying to control my op-1 via sensel morph and I have been having a hard time finding a USB/USB midi host. To make it work. Does this even exist? Anyone know about midi in here?

I thought there would be an obvious answer to your question when I read it, but after thinking about it and searching a little it seems like there isn’t a simple MIDI host device that is just meant to connect USB to USB. Every host seems centered on DIN to USB.
You could connect them through something like a computer, an iPad, or an OP-Z, but maybe a simple USB to USB host isn’t out there?

You should also tailor your expectations to the fact that the OP-1 MIDI in capabilities are pretty limited and the MPE functions of the Morph won’t be much more useful than a standard keyboard. On the OP-1 you can change the LFO to MIDI and control one aspect at a time with one channel (like CC1 controls the green knob for an effect you have turned on). I haven’t been able to get pitch bend to map on controllers I have used with the OP-1 even though you can do pitch bend on the OP-1 keyboard. External controllers mainly just provide more keys to play.

Just saw your other thread about using the Kenton. I am not sure I understand your setup, are you saying that you have a USB hub plugged in the USB port on the Kenton, and then you have plugged in the Morph and the OP-1 into different USB ports on the hub? If so I don’t think that can work (someone else can correct me). I don’t have a Kenton, but I think that it can only connect MIDI DIN in/out to a MIDI USB device.

Even if I only got velocity sensitivity out of the keys it would be worth it but thanks for letting my know your experience with midi controllers for the op-1. I have used an iPad with a couple controller apps at this point and it has improved my op-1 use but I haven’t really found an iPad controller I liked that didn’t crash the op-1. That why the morph. I don’t expect all the control of the morph to work with the op-1 but a velocity sensitive keyboard would be really nice.
With the Kenton I hooked it up with 2 USB’s into the hub our the Kenton because I was told that would work. The sensel folks got back to me since then letting me Know it would take two Kenton devices to make this work.

I don’t know if this will work at all but you may want to check out RetroKits products, maybe the

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Thank you for the link. Looks like a much better host then my Kenton. If wish I would have gotten that one instead! It does mention the use of a otg cable to create a USB pure USB midi connection. This gives me hope that I can get my scene going with this cable, my Kenton host device and a proper hub.if not then I will let likle purchase the rk-006.

"By using a simple (and included) OTG Adapter cable you can even connect plain 5V power and a USB hub to the RK-006 and host multiple USB-MIDI devices. The RK-006 will interconnect them and merge them together with the existing hardware ports. " -RK site

A lot of developers and people online are saying this isn’t possible so truely thank you for informing me about this product.

hey, did you have any luck with the RK-006? i’m also trying to control OP-1 with a usb keyboard and having no luck. i want to expand the octave range of the sequencers.