USB output to android


I have a question about the usbc output signal of my opz.
For now perfect world, I can sample into my opz via usbc to usbc without adapter.

But as I found on the web , the opz can act as a USB hub and so sending out my output mix via usbc.
And it is true!! I have sound but I can not do something with it. First the sound is distorted but I am not sure if it is a level problem or a bit rate problem. To give an idea it is like it has some bitcrush on it.BSecondary the audio is speed up. Like if it was a sample rate problem. Like 44khz read a 48 or 96khz or the reverse. I do not know.

For sure there is a problem between my opz and my android phone. I have tried two recording app and I have the same problem. I have also change the cable usbc and always the same problem.

So if someone can tell me where I should change something i would be very happy.

I am on oneplus usbc last android system. Recording with wave editor app and vocal recording app.

Thank you

With a pixel 3 I had the same problem with a handful of apps.The only one I found to work is

I “bought” it but not with money from my own wallet. I use the google opinion rewards app It barely takes any time to answer the survey, they usually come often and pay out enough that it stacks up quickly and I can usually buy any app I want without paying out of pocket.

Thanks for the tips. I did not know the google survey trick.

One question about the track you record on your phone. I saw that you can choice between many different settings on the app. Do you have always a good quality of sound if you record 44.1, 48 khz 16 or 24 bit.

I know it is maybe a lot of question. But I you like to understand why sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Thanks again for your infos

it’s fine for what I use it for. I think it can be changed