Use midi to control stop/start and record on OP1 Field?

Hello all,

Do any of you know if it is possible (and how, if it is possible) to control the start/stop and record arm buttons via midi? Ideally I would like to use a bluetooth midi footswitch to start a recording so I can play with both hands without having to press play and record, and then try to play at the same time.

Thanks for any thoughts


u can def control start / stop
but i’m not sure u can control the REC button via MIDI

Hi, can you elaborate on the start/stop control?
Does that apply to tape only?
Or can you start/stop sequencer playback?
Thank you for any insights you might have.

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I did some investigating and it looks like the start/stop in tape mode is controlled via midi system real-time messages, transport and clock, not CC. I tried this with Ableton live and you can start/stop the op-1 f internal playback via start/stop on Ableton while in beat match mode on the op-1 f. When in midi sync mode you can control start/stop and transport back to the beginning of the current looped section of the tape (by pressing stop twice).

To control system real-time start/stop via foot pedal you will need a device like the beatbars FS3 or the Disaster Area Designs midibaby, though I haven’t used either of the devices yet. To stop and reset the loop you will need to use a midi host pedal that can send its own clock information. Both of the aforementioned can act as midi hosts.

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This is very nice to know from actual experience: thank you for sharing this.
Did you try if this works with controlling the playback of sequencers on OP-1f?

I haven’t quite gotten to that point yet, but it seems that the handling of tape playback and sequencer playback are somehow NOT the same, which I am having hard time wrapping my head around.

Hello all,

I’m trying to sync op1F with loopy pro. Clock sync is easy but I can’t find a way to control start/stop and rec. Any good tutorials online for this topic ?

Still can’t manage correctly sync between op1f and loopy pro. Any one with some informations on this topic ?

I find that start/stop works via MIDI but only for tape.
And Where I could really use it is with the various sequencers… why don’t the start/stop commands apply to the sequencers?? Not understanding the logic here.

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the sequencers for the most part start / stop on receiving a midi note (like pressing a key on your OP1)

this is how u start the op1 sequencers in time when pressing play on your external device

Could you describe the way you set the midi for the tape start amd stop. For the the sequencer you can manage it through the midi learn fonction on loopy, using your starting key. It work with the keyboards keys