Use OP-1 as a mastering machine?

Did someone on this forum ever tried to use the op-1 as a mastering tool for ‘non-op-1’ songs? What would be your approach? Is this a silly idea?

Fact: I’m digging the flavor of the op-1 master channel/vinyl output especially when Drive is used.

Lets say I’ve got a mixdown (electro-pop 4/4 with vocals) ready for mastering and ALSO stems for each group of instruments…

Should I just export L & R master track from Ableton and turn those into some tape 1/2 files (repanned later in the op-1)?
Or, for more punch, should I export kick/snare (mono), maybe main vocals (mono) seperately and get tape 1/2/3/4 to play with?

Is there also great benefit to get from Tape/FX (Punch)/resampling to tape?

Sorry for all the questions, but I know some of you are doing mastering (professionnally or not)

Note: My tracks will be mastered @ a professionnal studio / This is more about testing ‘something else’ :wink:

not at all silly

op1 master drive/comp is really nice, not to mention the FX and resampling are awesome too.

the cleanest way would be importing some tape files via usb.
but you could also record in thru the line input

I’m up for the cleanest way for sure,

I’d definitely avoid using the physical input/output of the op-1 for quality purpose.

Also, I was thinking of applying some very gentle spring reverb on the master for wideness.

Just wondering if it’s useful to seperate kick/snare/vocals.

now I have to search for the best way to create tape tracks that would be aligned… audacity maybe?