Use tap tempo to beat match

Is it possible to sync beats that are recorded in tape mode on the Op-1 to external sounds. For example I want to play music on a turntable and then use tap tempo on the metronome to beat match the Op-1 to what I’m playing on the turntable.

of course its possible. as w/ any tap tempo / beat matching, its only as good as your own timing is.

You can’t change the tempo of something recorded to tape with the tap tempo, only with the tape speed (which affects pitch also). You can sync sequencers with the tap tempo.

ah good point @wingo

wasn't thinking about stuff that was already on the tape.

Damn, well I was hoping a way for the tape to be nudged while it’s playing so I can match beats to external sounds. It would be cool if the tape could speed up or down depending on what BPM one is tapping on the metronome. The tape speed knob doesn’t really work in the increments I would like, but I’ll try something tonight and see if it works.