Used OP-1 as flash drive

Well, I did something stupid.

In the absence of having a flash drive at my current place of residence, I transferred a couple of files using my OP-1. The process worked, but was far from ideal for several reasons:

1) The files will only transfer if you keep the OP-1 in disk mode throughout and do not eject it from either computer.

2) If the OP-1 does exit disk mode, it will show a few command-line texts about “new files found”, then after that you will not be able to access those files again. At first I thought this was because the OP-1 automatically deleted the foreign files, but after checking disk space I found that somehow they’d been assimilated into the OP-1. They didn’t show up, but they were definitely taking up space.

Fortunately the files I transferred were not very big (the largest was about 2kb, and I deleted it after transferring so it may not have stayed in memory at all), but they do in fact fill up disk space. Does anyone have any idea where these files went, and how I might be able to restore the (negligible) space I’ve lost? Would a re-download of the latest firmware wipe them?

Take a look at the flash drive via terminal (if you are on os x) and check for invisible files.

can anyone get doom ro run on op-1?

You could do a factory reset. No need to reinstall firmware.