User Sample Space on OP-1?

I apologize if this topic has been addressed. Can’t find the answer anywhere. How much space is available for user samples? I know what the tech specs are – but some of the space must be reserved for tape and album. When I export tape and album to a computer, it seems as though the two take up roughly 250 mb. Then there are the stock samples and patches, which I have no idea how much space those use. So does anyone know what the answer to this formula is? 512 mb flash drive - tape/album - stock samples/patches = user sample space remaining

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I found numbers for maximum amount of patches in each category somewhere but they weren’t totally clear as far as whether they include the factory patches or if they are potentially reduced by each other or other areas in op-1 (for instance album/tape tracks etc). I’ll try to find those numbers I saw for you.

From memory it’s 42 for the Sampler and Drum, 100 for the synth presets in total.

Also, not sure if you’re aware already but OP doesnt handle memory in a shared/dynamic kind of way. It’s set as (if I recall right…) 6 secs per synth sample. 12 seconds per drums sample. And you can’t truncate. And you can’t have for instance less drum samples to allow more synth samples. So potentially there is a lot of wasted memory here. It’s my main annoyance with OP… Just makes zero sense to me but i guess it must be related/necessary to the OS somehow…

bump… Anyone got the definitive low down on this? How many USER patch slot memory spaces are available (not including factory presets)? Whether these slot memory allocations are always reserved/locked (ie. You can fill up OP and end up with that amount of each kind of preset) or does using User memory space in one area of OP reduce user memory space available elsewhere?

User pselodux gave me this information when I was running into issues not being able to save a custom sample. (From this thread).

  • Max Synth Sampler patches = 42
  • Max Synth Synthesis patches = 100
  • Max Drum Patches = 42
I believe this is combined space, as I then responded with “Between the collection of Shruthi samples and built in ones, I had 42!” (I had loaded in a folder of Shruthi samples made for the OP-1).

Thanks for clarifying. I think that’s the thread I originally saw couple weeks ago but couldn’t find it again. So ‘max’ = amount of reserved memory slots per bank (synth sampler, drum, synthesis) and that amount of slots will always be available in each bank regardless of other banks right? I would check myself but still waiting for my replacement OP to come back from store :frowning:

Correct - the limit appears to be 42 “synth sampler” patches, regardless of any folder you put them them in. Drum patches have no effect on the synth sampler patches.

The slight workaround is that the 8 preset slots / quick access slots (I forget their technical name but you know what I mean) are outside of this. So if you have 42 total sample patches saved (including the built-ins), you can still create new ones in the 1-8 quick-access keys, you just can’t save them on the OP-1 itself (you can, however, pull them off by mounting the OP-1 on a computer as a disk).

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses. Gives me a better idea about the space available. I just don’t understand why this info is so difficult to find. You would think it would be with the tech specs. Anyhow, cheers.

Does anyone know how to delete bounced samples they have made and want to get rid?

@jonesy_op Where is your sample bounced ?

If on Tape : just lift it (up arrow). You may have to cut in pieces smaller than 1:30
If on Synth or Drum Sample patch… Well… I don’t really see the point. Just paste silence on this I’d say.

If on Synth or Drum Sample patch... Well... I don't really see the point. Just paste silence on this I'd say.

It was using the sampler. Surely its good practice to keep deleting bits off the op-1 that I would no longer want? And free up space? Or am i missing an op 101 basic fact?

I’m pretty sure you have to delete samples from your computer.

All the Tape tracks are allocated from the start, same as the 2 album side.

Same for the user patches.
Even if you don’t use it. Even if it’s totally empty. The space is allocated and thus the sample is dropped in this space.

So no, generally it’s not really useful to delete bits of stuff you don’t use. OP-1 was conceived so that the user doesn’t have to deal with memory issues.

Well, unless we’re talking about the snapshots (= saved patches) : these you have to backup & clean once in a while cause you run out of patch memory.

Thanks for clarifying LyingDalai, really helpful


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Resurrecting this conversation from a new OP-1 user. :slight_smile: Does the OP-1 provide a way to see the patch count, so you know if you are approaching that limit? I was encountering the “can’t create synth patch” error, which I am suspecting it’s a space issue. But I can’t find a place to manage or monitor that available space. Appreciate any insight or tips. TY.

Does the OP-1 provide a way to see the patch count, so you know if you are approaching that limit?

Not as far as I know.

Patch management on OP-1 needs work. I’m still secretly hoping that TE will add ability to delete and rename at some point. Lack of those features can be really annoying when you run into that 100-patch limit. And they are really, really basic features too.

Thanks for the response. In regards to the 100-patch limit you mentioned, what is that exactly? I documented the existing stock patches:

144 synthesis patches
9 sampler patches
10 DBOX patches
14 DRUM patches
TOTAL 177 patches comes standard with the OP-1. On top of this, we can add 100 more?