Using a Behringer Dj Mixer (or any mixer w/ Midi) help

HI all,

I am new to Pocket Operators. I just ordered my first two: PO - 12 and PO -14. I have a Behringer 4000 dj mixer. The mixer had a sampler and effects. It also has a 5-pin midi out, thru and in.

What I like to create is a set up where the both POs have dedicated channels on the mixer and to control the bpm via my mixer. Can it be done? What cords do I need?

mixer back
Can I use a 5-pin to 1/8 inch cord to run the POs? If so can I use the Thru like an Out to send a signal?

Anyone tried this or have a suggestion on having all three of these play nice with each other?

Lots of thanks!

You would need some means to turn MIDI into a clock signal as the POs don’t have a MIDI in. A Volca would do this.

I got a midi to 3.5mm cord but worried it send too much signal and short out the po. Is that even a legitimate worry?

The pocket operators don’t accept midi so what you’re trying won’t work. They accept a clock or sync signal which are a series of audio pulses. You would need an in between device that turns midi into theses pulses. Like I said a Korg volca would do the trick.