Using an iPad as a Sequencer

Whilst I like using the OP-1 sequencers (via a Kenton USB MIDI Host) to control my various synths (especially the Roland Boutiques), I'd also like to use some of the iPad sequencer apps.

The only way I've yet been able to get my iPad's Xnthesizr app to sequence the Boutiques is via the following connection:

iPad -> USB -> PreSonus iTwo audio interface -> DIN MIDI -> JP-08 MIDI-IN

Is there a simpler and more portable way to achieve this? - preferably without an external power source, especially since the latest firmware allows the Boutiques to remain battery powered when connected via USB.

I have the following relevant kit at my disposal:
- Kenton USB MIDI Host
- iPad USB Camera Connection Kit
- Roland UM-One II MIDI-USB interface
- No shortage of cables

I feel I'm missing something.


if your rolands do usb over midi, you should be able to go straight from iPad > CCK > usb cable to Rolands

then u just gotta get the midi sending and/or receiving right on your app.
which isn’t always as simple as it seems, greatly depends on the app! at least in my exp. sometimes. haha

that would prob be the simplest.

u could also go iPad > CCK > USB-MIDI to MIDI DIN interface > Roland midi ins/outs

oh maybe it doesn’t work b/c the rolands need a driver? so not class compliant w/ iPad? :frowning:

Thanks for the response. And yep I think the latter may be the case. On my iPad, I get messages to the effect of Boutiq device cannot be used or UM-One device cannot be used.


Looks like the Boutique series aren’t MIDI class-compliant :frowning: that sucks.

Myself I’m interested in recording the instrument back into the iPad without complications. I think your setup is the simplest @cloudburst

oh roland….thats such a wack move on there part.

i use the iconnect mio w/ my iPad mini when i need some DINs. shame u can’t use your um-one either. they’re essentially the same thing but the mio is class compliant. that would be a nice portable setup from iPad to roland.

I am able to use the OP-1 as a MIDI controller and with its own sound engine on my iPad with a simple USB to Lightning adaptor.
Of course this doesn’t transmit audio, but I guess you could perfectly send this using the audio cable, without all that hassle?
Is it too low-profile for what you guys expect?

Get a USB battery pack for your Boutique and the go iPad > CCK > Interface (I use M-Audio Uno) > Din MIDI. The iPad powers the Uno fine. If I use a hub you sometimes need a powered hub but again, get a USB battery pack and a USB Y cable.

With the latest firmware release, the Boutique can now be configured on startup, to take power from its own batteries even when USB plugged in.

I think the issue I’m having is that, as far as the iPad is concerned, neither the Boutique nor UM-One is class-compliant.