Using External Display on IOS

I recently purchased a Lightning to HDMI adapter for my iPhone SE to use the IOS app on my monitor, since the display is very tiny, and it’s the only IOS device I own. I want to be able to see what I see on my phone screen, and NOT the Photomatic/Motion mode. I’m glad that it natively supports these modes, but I would still like to see what I’m doing on my personal monitor. I really don’t want to have to buy an iPad just to get a larger display, and my Galaxy S8 would be the perfect size, but obviously, the OP-Z app isn’t supported and Teenage Engineering has been pretty evasive when it comes to asking about future support. I’m curious if there’s something I need to do to enable this functionality, or if I’m really going to be forced to buy yet another apple product.

Assuming you don’t have a Mac and could use the MacOS version of the OPZ app.

Another option would be to get an Apple TV (not expensive) and acreen-mirror your iPhone to your telly.


i would recommend the Apple TV3 (B) revision which can actually do a peer to peer connection without a WiFi network.

it’s about 30-50 bucks used and great for visuals but the OP-Z App will change the screen settings to video out.

the only way I can change the screen behavior while connected to my MacBook and within QuickTime player there’s a feature to do screen capturing of iOS devices and if you toggle a bit on the Input sources, QuickTime changes to Video Out and back to the IOS format.

it may be a bug but it’s working