Using headset for vocoder + output to speakers

Is there a way to use the headset for using the vocoder and outputing to speakers?

What other options are there for using the vocoder while connected to speakers? And usb headsets that work for the op1f?

since there is only one output and one input, you’d have to put your input source as the your mic you want to use (headset or otherwise) and the speakers in the output line. i do not know if the input line will work for those 4-prong 3.5mm headset TRRS cables but its certainly worth a quick try.

I don’t know of any speakers that would work directly through the USB, since they would have to recognize OP-1 F as an audio interface. I think your options are:

  1. Use a computer headset with separate microphone and speaker jacks. You could use a splitter on the speaker cable, then use another “splitter” to join stuff back into a single TRRS jack, which you could plug into Field.

  2. Use a computer, tablet or a phone as an intermediary and get the speaker sound by using USB.

  3. Find an FM radio and use it as the speaker, since Field can transmit.

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A splitter!! I totally forget about that and i have plenty of them lol

Thank you! Cant wait to go home and try it

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