Using Microtonic with OP-Z ?

Does anyone know if there is a chance to use Microtonic with the OP-Z someway like with the PO-32 ? Can we export the drumkits from the software to the OP-Z easily or it has to be done like with OP-1 ?

I want to purchase it to use with my PO-32, my OP-Z is on route and I hope I could use Microtonic drum kits with it.

No. The op-z doesn’t have a drum synth engine - the closest you could get would be to sample the sounds out of microtonic and make a kit that way.

Thanks !

I recently experimented with the op-z and the microtonic. would be nice to have the engine inside of the op-z but till then (if ever) I tried this:
I uses the op-z as a midi controller on track 1-4 routing to a DAW (in my case reaper) created multiple instances of the u-tonic plugin - mapped carefully any 25 keys for Track 1-4 to utonic. basically for every key I have a utonic slot/sound.
After that I sampled all the keys. sliced them and used the drum utility to create the drum kit.
Tedious tasks but now I have my own created utonic sound on the op-z and in my DAW.
So I am able to create my stuff on the go with the op-z and later route the op-z to the DAW and having the same sound where I can continue to tweak to my liking.

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It would be rad if you could share that drum track!