Using OP-1 in Ableton

Just wondering…
How can I use OP-1 as a synth and also a controller simultaneously in Ableton Live?
Is there a way to go back to the OP-1 synth after using it as a controller (I am using the script downloaded from the official website)?

You can bounce the OP-1 in and out for the controller vs synth, but I don’t believe it is instantaneous smooth affair… But can you walk through what you are thinking of doing?

Ok. The set-up is…
OP-1 is connected to my Macbook Pro via its USB cable.
Upon opening the Ableton Live, I go to Control on OP-1 to use it as a controller.
But I also want to use OP-1’s sound and record it in the Live clip.
My OP-1 output is connected to my laptop’s headphone output (which can be used as an input with Griffin Guitar Connect, like iRig cable).
I can unplug the USB cable from the OP-1 and record the sound from it, but then it will lose its controller capability unless I reconnect the USB cable.
Do we know an easier way to do what I want to do?

Once I am in the “controller mode” on OP-1, I cannot figure out the way to get out of it to use OP-1’s sounds.

You have to exit controller mode…

One idea is use it as a MIDI device all the time, but when you want controller mode turn down the volume.
Sadly the answer is you can’t, that I know of, but then working around the problem.

I assume you are not looking to hit shift com and 1 to go back and forth.

Wait… When in controller mode (shift-COM), I can always go back to the OP-1 synth by hitting Shift-COM again? I thought I tried and it did not work. Perhaps I didn’t do it right, or was confused… I’ll try that again tomorrow. If that was it, it will solve my problem easily and oh what a fool I was…
Thanks for the help, @dimi3

I thought you can… yup! just tested it on my machine.

so to be clear Shift COM brings of a screen with 1 2 3 4 = OP-1 CTRL DISK OPT. I go into 2, CTRL the words go away, fiddle… hit Shift COM again the words appear I hit 1, OP-1 you are still on that screen but if you hit the synth drum or other you are looking at your good old OP-1.

Works like a charm.

For those who may face the same thing as I did, SHIFT-COM works.
But be sure to press “1” to go back to “Perform” mode before going back to OP-1 synth mode.