Using op1 as multracker

More of a rant than question. But I was juat wondering if anyone here is using op1 as multitracker.

A mate lent me his circuit for a bit and I have had so much fun with tape and recording layers. Despite the limited headroom and mono recordings I feel a real connection on this one. Makes the circuit sound like early an digital recorder like my old fostex years ago. Not a bad way to roughen sheeny sound of the circuit.

Anyway like I said its more of a rant. Anyone here using the op1as a mini daw?

Any tips? Suggestions.

Yeah man i often record things from Circuit into my OP1 for processing using the drive, EQ and master FX. In fact my workflow is to use the OP1 and Circuit as instruments to create stems into Octatrack for mangling and sequencing/arranging a track. Then i feed the final product back out of Octa into the OP1 and record to album. I know its result is mono but i love the under produced tape sound you get. Really adds character.

Drives my long term collaboration partner insane because he is all about mixing and mastering everything perfectly, down to individual drum hits. But put our tracks side by side and my music (although not sonically perfect) sounds like it has been made by a human rather than a machine (DAW). I love the imperfection the OP1 tape produces.

That’s and inspiring for me. I’ve been resampling the “ear” a lot. It takes a bit longer but it sounds great. I don’t have a usb host either. I’ve just been hitting record and play on both units at the same time. I kind of like that dodgy timing to be honest.