Using OP1 Mic

I’m 48 hours into my OP1 and loving it.
I have a few questions which I would love help with. One of them is that I don’t understand how to get a good input level on the internal mic. How do you guys do this? Especially for samples, but also vocals. Confused on what the white knob does in particular.

And second part of this question, what kind of cable/adapter would I need to plug in an sm57?


The onboard mic isn’t terribly sensitive. I usually have to turn the gain all the way up to +20.

The White knob sets the threshold for sampling - the level of sound required to start the sample recording process.

I’ve tried a 57 into the line input… It doesn’t work well. You really need a line level source like the output from your phone, mixer, a synth, etc. Unamplified mic signals are a bit too weak. (I just got a zoom H1N that works great as an alternative to the onboard mic)

Edit: welcome to the forum & the #teoperator community! Enjoy your OP-1, it may change your life :grin:

Check out the manual. All sorts of good stuff in there, including a whole section on the mic.


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Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for recording electric guitar?

I use a zoom multi fx that has amp simulations and a parametric EQ. I can usually get it to sit in the mix pretty well that way, and I have no problem with levels.