Using pedals with the OP-Z

anyone here have any advice about using guitar pedals with the OP-Z? i’m specifically wondering about how to best separate audio tracks to only apply the pedal effects to the synth track.

i saw someone on youtube accomplish something similar using a stereo splitter cable to run the left audio output through a tape machine and put the right directly into a mixer then panning the synth all the way to the left and everything else all the way to the right… are there any cleaner, more flexible options? does the new module help with this at all?

kind of a synth noob, but thanks for any insight you can provide!

The is no module (yet) that splits out the tracks of the OP-Z. Right now you only get two channels from the OP-Z, Left and Right. Use a stereo splitter, plug one side into effects and keep on side dry and then use the pan knob as a wet dry balance for each track, but this would mean you are sending every track from the OP-Z as mono (so you give up panning and you give up the stereo image of the OP-Z send, master and punch-in effects). Still, you can get some very nice sounds using this method.

I take another approach. I just plug my OP-Z stereo output into a Pisound and Raspbery Pi 3 B+ running the ModEP software, effectively adding more master effects. They are all MIDI sequenceable via USB which is very cool.

Hard panning/stereo split into pedals is my standard MO with any multi-voice synth. If you want to get wild this is a great way to generate new sounds and ideas.

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