Using samples from different banks on OP-Z

Still learning the OP-Z, Is it possible for example on the percussion track, to use a hi hat from bank 1 and a perc hit from bank 2?

So far I’ve only been able to use samples from one bank per track. For example, if I load a sample from banks 1 on a track and enter some steps in a sequence then change the bank, it automatically changes the sample to the relevant sample in the new bank.

Just wondered if there is any way around this?


A second op-z is a workaround :grinning:

Load up new samples and put them on a different track.
I don’t use the sample track much for it’s intended purpose, so I put more drum samples on there. Then you can mute that track, and when you want to change unmute that track and mute the other. And if you still wanna use samples program the muted track, takes some learning but it works.

Cheers, I’m still using the factory banks as I’m just getting started but I am planning to import some new custom kits factoring in how to get the best out of the 4 audio/drum tracks - 1 bank per track/pattern. Still plenty of possibilities… plus using mutes and spark triggers etc

I believe what you’re referring to is called “Sample Locking” on elektron devices. I don’t think the opz can do that.
The workaround is to make your own custom kits with the op1 drum utility.