Using the OP-1 knobs to control MIDI

I love my OP-1 but want to expand it’s sonic palette sometimes. I’ve been using the keyboard on the OP-1 to play sounds from the Arturia Analog Lab and Native Instruments Kontakt player through my laptop. I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the knobs on the OP-1 to control the oscillators, LFOs, etc… on these other software instruments. I also use Pro Tools so let me know if that DAW might help make this possible. Thanks!

That’s totally possible. You just need to map the knobs to whatever parameters you want them to control in the software. I’ve successfully used the knobs with Bitwig (DAW) and Mixxx (DJ software).

And clicking the knobs is a MIDI “thing” too - as well as rotating them.


The encoders are mapped to CC1, CC2, CC3 and CC4. Depressing the encoders momentarily sends the data 127 to CC64, 65, 66 or 67 (from left to right - blue, green, white, orange), releasing the encoder resets the data to 0. The arrow keys can also be used to send CC and are mapped to 41 and 42, again sending 127 on pressing the button and 0 on release.

I am a beginner with this. Would anyone mind telling me step-by-step how to setup using the OP-1 encoders with the Arturia Analog Lab? I sometimes use it stand alone and sometimes through Pro Tools. Thanks!