Using the Original OP-1 within DAWs

Ever since I got my OP-1 I’ve had issues with sequencing it within Ableton. There seems to be a MIDI bug where if the OP-1 gets overwhelmed (say by too much polyphony or a MIDI change) it becomes unresponsive from external sources but will still receive audio through USB. The only solution I found is to disconnect the cable and reconnect it and then it seems to become responsive again. You just have to reset your disconnected audio input within Ableton every time this happens though. Does anyone have a solution for this? Some people have suggested another cable or a USB MIDI Host but I’ve also heard there’s MIDI bugs regardless?

Another thing I tried was using the OP-1 through Loopback so that I can use my projects in 48000 sample rate with the OP-1 without it changing my sample rate to 44100. I don’t know the technicalities but this seems to work but the MIDI issue still happens.

I can’t offer a solution though I’m curious about what types of CC’s you’re transmitting from Live, afaik op1 only receives midi notes and on CC1-4 in midi lfo. did you check tracking and clock settings?

I haven’t touched any of the CC settings. They should be default. I haven’t mapped anything I just plugged in the cable & made sure the MIDI IN & OUT settings were correct in Ableton.

I’m only trying to sequence drums within Ableton using the OP1 as an external instrument. Like I said it works it just stops working occasionally through a session. A quick unplug and plug back in makes it respond to Ableton again until the next time it decides to stop responding. If it were a MIDI issue I think it wouldn’t work right off the bat. I tried a couple different USB hubs too (powered/unpowered) and the problem persists.

midi is kinda glitchy on the OP1
think its just the way it is
for whatever reason sometimes it just crashes or gets overloaded

for me sometimes doing a factory reset helps alleviate strange issues for awhile

It does seem like a CPU overload or something.
Well hopefully this gets addressed eventually in a patch update :frowning:

I’ve got the same problem in Logic Pro. After some time, the OP-1 stops responding to MIDI in. Luckily in Logic there’s a Reset all MIDI driver button that brings the OP-1 back to life so I don’t have to disconnect/reconnect the usb cable. It’s not optimal but it works.

Thanks for letting me know. I wonder if this is a Mac only issue?

IIRC OP1 has a habit of re-transmitting some things, which it maybe shouldn’t (midi clock being one). Filter what it receives in your MIDI chain. This could mean using it more traditionally with a separate audio cable and connecting its USB to a MIDI host to which you have a separate MIDI connection, but on which you apply the filtering. It’s just how it is, and frankly you’d expect that from its underpowered hardware…