Using TRIG level to record to tape?

Anyway I can record to tape by “arming” it with the TRIG level… like in sampler and drum mode? so it only starts recording when the mic picks up a certain level of sound? I wanna record to tape but its pretty annoying to have it start recording immediately…

You can press and hold REC and it will record when the first note is played, afterwards you don’t need to hold REC anymore.

Not what I’m trying to do…

nevermind, doesn’t work

I wish you could do this too. I couldn’t figure out a way. I ended up recording the thing I wanted to a sample and then playing back hold record for a clean start.

A pain in the ass work around and also limits the recording to 12(or6) seconds. Not ideal. Seems like you should be able to treat line in(or mic) the same as a key press and record when sound threshold is passed.

Kind of an obscure problem but maybe and easier fix to request for the new os?