Using TX-6 as 4-ch mixer for OP-1

I am pretty new to the TE world and am really enjoying my OP-1, and also recently bought a TX-6.

I was wondering if it is possible to route the 4 stereo channels from the OP-1F tape directly into 4 input channels on the TX-6 via USB-C? In other words, to allow the TX-6 to apply per-track gain/EQ/FX etc to the OP-1ā€™s tape channels instead of using the normal master section on the OP-1?

I understand that all effects/levels/compression etc in the OP-1 is supposed to be done pre-tape during recording but it would be super nice to get some basic per-channel controls back onto the 4 tracks for a little bit of editing in post, if that is possible :slight_smile:


This is not possible right now, but please do send a support request to TE for this feature. I think it is something that almost everyone with an OP-1 field and TX-6 would like to see!


Yeah! this would be great using the USB audio on both devices.


Iā€™m also looking forward to this!

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