Vanishing tape tracks still audible?

Confused if user error, beta OS bug or just an old op bug that happens…

I had a 4 bar loop in tape, all 4 tracks used. Directly followed by another 4 bar loop, all 4 tracks used. I needed to lift the 2nd loop and move it along the tape to make some space after the 1st loop.

Moved tape transport to middle of 2nd loop and did shift + lift. 2nd loop lifted as expected but also For some reason 2 of the tracks on the first loop disappeared from display. I panicked and dropped the clips in a gap on the tape, ready to try and piece it all back together (no ‘undo’… Ugh). But when I dropped the clips they only consisted of the 2nd loop. And weirdly now when I listen to the 1st loop and solo tracks. All tracks are still there to hear. But 2 of the tracks are blank on screen. Any got an idea what’s going on?

I had an issue with my OP1 being a bit overexcited when lifting loops and taking 8 bars instead of 4 but been unable to reproduce it.

Relicts of old audio on apparently blank section of tape is an old bug, had hoped this had been addressed.

Yeah that’s basically what happened here. It lifted 8 bars instead of the 4 bars I had selected to lift. But only on 2 tracks of the first loop, while lifting all 4 tracks of the 2nd loop?!? Now audio in first loop can be heard on all 4 tracks, but not seen on 2 of them. It’s there tho. I made sure by soloing the visually blank tracks… Wondering if it will be there on Track stems when I save to PC…

I should maybe have also added that none of the tracks’ audio was ever ‘joined’ across the two separate 4 bar loops. So it couldn’t have been user error in that way. And to be able to hear stuff that is visually no longer there is obvs wrong…

I’ve only had OP a few days, not even through my first battery charge yet, finding/hitting old bugs as huge as this is pretty depressing. Already had to send it back for repair too. Which to be fair, T.E were very fast with and good communication etc. Not really feeling like a £650 ‘finished’ unit so far though TBH :frowning: Creatively it’s great, but in terms of reliability I feel a little sketched out using it now…

Luckily it wasn’t something I’d spent days working on. Basically going to be paranoid as hell whenever I edit anything on tape from now on :confused:

Will drop T.E an email.

You’re on the Beta OS remember. Feed it back. I never experienced the lifting too many bars issue on the old OS. The ghost audio could be fixed before by dropping silence on top, does this work?

Ah cool, thought you were saying before that it was an old bug :wink: I can handle beta issues no prob :wink: yeah I’ll message T.E about it today. I’ll try the dropping silence thing too, thanks for the heads up on that :slight_smile:

@ghostly606 p.s for the ‘drop silence’ fix do I just need to record four bars of silence somewhere along the Timeline and drop it on the invisible audio? Won’t that replace what’s ‘there’? Or does dropping on top of audio overdub? I can’t back up my OP til tonight, maybe best I wait til then to try it out.

I’ve had the same error (beta os). A whole 8 bar loop of funky slump arps just vanished from tape. Dropping silence cleared the tape. Still annoying though

I've had the same error (beta os). A whole 8 bar loop of funky slump arps just vanished from tape. Dropping silence cleared the tape. Still annoying though

You could still hear the vanished clips too yeah? It’s weird huh. After I back up to PC I’ll try a few things. Maybe I can copy the problem bars and paste them on empty tape, then possibly resample the tracks that don’t ‘appear’ to be there. Then drop them back on the ‘ghost’ clips in the original section. Long winded tho! Hopefully it won’t happen again after the official OS is released.

Yep, still audible but no blue lines. Will try to reproduce it later today. Maybe you can overdub silence to make the parts visible again?

Good shout, will try that after back up.

This has happened to me in probably the past 3 versions of the OS. It’s rare, but annoying.

Sometimes I put space between loops in the same song, or copy things one at a time, just to avoid this.

I think if you drop something onto it, it erases, so I always set start & end loop markers in the space where it happened, then press [record+play] over the spot to make a new line. It sounds fine.

Thanks @THSC. I guess I just got bad luck for it to happen so soon after buying it so it made me feel like it’s sketchy editing tape on OP. Hopefully it’ll be rare like you say and I’ll forget about it. That fix of recording silence over it to get the line back doesn’t sound like too much ballache on rare occasions :wink: Cheers